Roy Ahern a partner of Versa Dock sold me a boat dock system that will not stay together after only one hour in the water. The 20 yr.

warranty is a lie. After seven years I have taken them to court just to get my money back. Versa Dock and Roy admit the dock has this problem but they have failed to do anything about it. At this point I have spent the same amaount in attorney fees as the dock cost originally and we are not in court yet.

Versa dock has sold to an overseas group and Ahern and his partner Teo leonard claim they are no longer responsible.

The two *** men from florida are off opening other businesses fidding new victims. Save your money and time don't buy Versa Dock and don't buy from Roy Ahern or Teo Leonard.

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Aptos, California, United States #1075356

Roy Ahern and Teo Leonard, ERA Marine, and Versadock were all found guilty of fraud. I was awarded Triple damages, attorney fees, and costs, Total $219k judgement.

Roy filed for BK a month later and tried to have the judgement dismissed, he failed.

He appealed he failed. The interest is adding up and the collection attorneys are after them all.


I have a 5 year old Versadock that is SINKING. I took some of the floats out and found they contained a lot of water.

Bruce Nelson, the registered agent for the current Versadock US distributor has failed to honor the warranty to repair or replace the dock at no cost.

In fact he wrote; "We are not responsible for ERA Marine’s warranty"

This is all unethical. If Roy, Teo or Bruce are good guys, I suggest they honor the warranty or refund my money.


Roy and Teo are good guys. I've installed several of these docks, and I know how well they're made.

For one thing, you must have done something incredibly abusive to them to get them in a state where they don't stay together. I have NEVER seen that happen, not even in the ocean.

Secondly, if this really DID happen to you, you could have just asked Roy to replace them for you. He'd surely rather replace your product or give you your money back than go to court.

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